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Painting the Urban Fabric Buy Bundle (144 videos) Painting the Urban Fabric

Through the years, Etchr Studio has become a hub for mastering Urban Sketching. We've collaborated with over 75 professional urban sketchers who have produced a comprehensive library of instruction.


From bustling city streets to tranquil rural landscapes, from vibrant seaports to serene beach retreats, from cosy local cafes to iconic tourist landmarks—we have it all. Today, we present a collection of our top classes at an exclusive 50% discount - "Painting the Urban Fabric".


The collection includes 25 full-length classes and a 4-class course from artists like Ian Fennelly, Melissa Lakey, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa, Susan Knapp, Pedro Loureiro, Adrianna Johnston, John Harisson, and many more. Explore the full collection here.


Buy lifetime access to this collection for a 50% discount at $500 US$249.

USD $249.00