Etchr Studio

Create Expressive Portraits.

In this 6-class course, learn to infuse emotion in your portraits.


About the Artist and the Course

Born in Amsterdam, Anna Korteweg studied at the University of Arts in Amsterdam and obtained her Master's in Fine Arts at the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede in 2008. Anna has exhibited in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, New York and the Middle East.

As a teacher, Anna believes that art can help people overcome their struggles, allowing them to be free.

Step-by-Step Approach

Learn to create portraits by breaking down each facial feature and using monochrome watercolour techniques to create volume, form and depth. 

Why do this course

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Just bring your curiosity. No prior experience required.

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Jam to your beat

Own, watch, rewind and learn at your convenience

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Dive deep and thrive

Learn the techniques and ways to apply with in-depth instruction.

What are others saying?

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Thank you, Anna. Your approach to getting feature placement and proportion is just the foundation I'd been missing. Being new, drawing faces has been frustrating, and this has been a step forward.


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