Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is the subscription plan and what does it include?

The subscription plan is priced at USD 120 a year. All Subscribers will benefit from the following:

1. Unlimited access to over 400+ hours (and growing) of paid recorded content

2. Exclusive and unlimited access to upcoming live 90 minute classes (Live Mini Workshops).

3. 20% ongoing discount on Etchr Lab products at

4. Exclusive deals on Art Supplies from selected online retailers including Jackson's Art (Global), Art Supply Warehouse (USA), etc.

Do you have subscription tiers or monthly subscription options?

Yes, we do have a monthly subscription at $30 per month.

Unfortunately, we don't have subscription tiers.

Is there a free trial that I can avail?

Yes we do! Get a taste of our new subscription with a 7-day trial and get unlimited access to all our recordings. Please click the link here to claim it.

Please note that after the trial period, you will automatically be charged $120 for a 1-year subscription. You may cancel the subscription before the trial ends to avoid the automatic charge.

I'm not sure if I want to subscribe yet. Is there still a "pay-as-you-go" option?

Yes. Customers can still individually purchase any recording outside of the subscription which they will have unlimited access to.

To purchase individually, select any recording and click the “Get Access Now” button found on the thumbnail. Afterwards, the customer may choose the “one-time purchase” option.

All purchased recordings can be viewed in the customer’s Library.

Will I be automatically charged annually for my subscription?

Your subscription will auto-renew, however you'll get a reminder email 7 days before renewal just in case you want to cancel the renewal.

If I subscribe, will I able to save videos to my account?

You can mark videos as "Favourite", and they will appear in your library under Favourites

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can cancel at any time but only during the 7-day trial period. However, once you go through the 7-day free trial and agree to become a subscriber, we do not offer cancellations and refunds for the year in question. It is entirely up to you if you wish to renew the subscription for the following year - and we will send you a reminder!

If you wish to avail the 7 Day Free-Trial, please click this link.


What is a 30 minute Class?

We've rebadged our "Live Demos" as "30 minute Classes". These Classes are broadcast on YouTube and are completely free. The artist presents for approximately 30 - 40 minutes in order to broadly demonstrate their skills and the techniques they use, as well as their experience and background in teaching art. Basically, they’re “introducing” themselves to the community and giving everyone a taste of their approach.

What is a 90 minute Class?

We've rebadged our "Mini Workshops" as "90 minute Classes". These run for approximately 90 minutes and focuses on more specific techniques. This is an opportunity to participate in a more detailed step-by-step artistic process as compared to the 30 minute Class. With the additional time, the artist typically discusses more tips and techniques, dives a little deeper, and answers questions that weren’t covered in the 30 minute Class.

What is a Small Group Class?

We've rebadged our Live Master Class as "Small Group Class". These are a more “intimate” set-up that is limited to 10 participants. They typically run for 150 minutes (including 30 minutes of feedback).

These Classes are also guided by a detailed step-by-step process but compared to a 90 minute Class, the artist will have more time to “take it up a notch” and provide even more insights, tips, and techniques while interacting with the participants. What makes these Classes valuable is the one-on-one feedback and critique from the artist.

Please also note that the Live Small Group Classes are not included in the subscription and have to be purchased individually. This is priced from US$35-US$45, which is now lower compared to our prices from the old website, which used to range from US$60-US$80.

Where can I find all the upcoming Live 90 minute Class?

Select the "Browse" tab located in the upper banner of the homepage. From its dropdown box, click Upcoming Live.

You may also click this link here.

Live Events

What Live Events do you have?

Will you still use Zoom for live events?

90-minute live classes (Live Mini Workshops) will be hosted on our website rather than Zoom however we may still use Zoom in the few weeks that follow the launch of the new website in order to make a smooth transition. 2-3 hour Small Group Classes (Live Master Classes) will still be held on Zoom.

Free Events

Do you have classes that are available for Free?

Yes! We have our Free 30 minute Classes on YouTube.

Artist Teachers

How do you renumerate the Artists?

Our artists are paid a fixed rate for the live 90-minute Classes. Aside from this, our artists also receive recording royalties quarterly wherein they receive 50% of our profit.

How do you identify the right Artists to teach?

We invite our artists from various online platforms, and we receive referrals from our current pool of teachers as well. To be qualified, aspiring Etchr teachers need to have years of art teaching experience as well as the passion to engage and connect with students. Aspiring Etchr teachers are screened twice - the first stage is to be done by our Studio Admins and the next one with our Studio Producers. It may take some time, but this process ensures that we get to introduce the best art teachers to our growing community.

Purchasing Procedure

I am a subscriber and want to purchase certain recordings for lifetime access. How do I go about this?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for subscribers yet. You may only be able to purchase a recording if you are not a subscriber or if your subscription expires. Please note that all subscribers have access to all recordings available on our catalogue.

Which payment channels do you accept?

We accept credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay, Japan Credit Bureau, and PayPal. As of the moment, we do not yet support Apple Pay, Discover, and Diner.

Can I use multiple codes?

The system only allows 1 code per transacation.

Can I combine my coupon codes?

Unfortunately, no. All Etchr Studio and Etchr Lab codes are meant as a stand alone discount/coupon code.

Video Recording

What should I do if a class in my Library is missing?

For any missing classes, please reach out to us at

How long will it take for the recording of a live class to be available?

To give our team some time to process the videos, the 90 minute Class and Small Group Class recordings will be available in approximately 8-10 days.

Are we able to download the recordings from the website?

To protect our videos from piracy, our recordings are not downloadable can only be streamed online.

My Etchr Studio Account

I'm an existing customer from the old website. Will I still be able to access my past purchases in the new Etchr Studio website?

Yes, existing customers from the old website can still access their past purchases in the new Etchr Studio website.

If it’s your first time logging in to the new website, please first reset your password through this link. Make sure the input the same email address you used on the old website.

After logging in, customers may locate all past purchases under the “My Library” tab.

If there are past purchases that still do not reflect in your new Library, please email our Customer Support at so we may assist.

Will I still be able to access the old website?

As of June 3, 2022, customers will no longer be able to access the old website.

Troubleshooting Tech Issues

I’m a Subscriber but the class I want to check out is asking for payment to access it. What’s happening?

There is a chance that you may not have logged in while browsing through the classes. Please make sure you are logged in first before trying to view a class.

The stream for the Live Class isn’t working for me. What should I do?

When the countdown reaches 00:00:00 and the livestream still has not started right away, refreshing the page helps! 

The audio/video is not working properly and it keeps lagging.

See if the audio slider located below the playhead is put on mute - if not, double check your device’s audio settings

If the video is lagging, please try refreshing the browser or restarting your internet connection. Some browsers or devices may also require a software update for videos to function properly. If the issues persist especially with the same recording, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support ( so we can look into this on our end


How to Navigate the Website

Does the new platform have subtitles or translation?

Not at this stage. If you have a specific request for subtitles or translation please let us know to help us determine our future priorities.

Where can I go for help?

Send us an email at

You can also reach out through to our Facebook community.