Frequently Asked Questions

This extensive FAQ should have everything that you need. After going through it, if you still can't find the answer to your question, shoot us a message at


How much is the subscription plan, and what does it include?

The subscription plan is USD 120 a year. All Subscribers will benefit from the following:

1. Unlimited access to over 400+ hours (and growing) of recorded content

2. Unlimited access to upcoming live classes 

Do you have subscription tiers or monthly subscription options?

Yes, we have a monthly subscription at $30 per month, but no subscription tiers.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! You can get a taste of our subscription with a 7-day free trial for unlimited access to all our recordings and upcoming live content. Please click the link here to claim it.

Please note that you will automatically be charged $120 for a 1-year subscription after the trial period. You may cancel the subscription before the trial ends to avoid the automatic charge.

I don't want to subscribe. Is there still a "pay-as-you-go" option?

We offer a 7-day Free Trial to test our platform risk-free. If you cancel during the trial, you won't be charged.

Even if you do not wish to subscribe, you aren't able to purchase any of our 90-180-minute classes individually. However, you can purchase any of our multi-part courses (even if you are a subscriber). You can find a list of our courses here (and the recordings in your Library).

Will I be automatically charged for my subscription every year?

Yes, your subscription will auto-renew. However, you'll get a reminder email 7 days before renewal just in case you want to cancel it.

If I subscribe, can I save videos to my account?

You can mark videos as "Favourite", and they will appear in your Library under Favourites. 

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime during the 7-day free trial period without being charged. However, once you go through the 7-day free trial and agree to become a subscriber, we do not offer cancellations and refunds for the year in question. It is entirely up to you if you wish to renew the subscription for the following year - and we will send you a reminder!

If you wish to avail the 7-Day Free Trial, please click this link.

Classes and Courses

What is the difference between a Class and a Course?

Both our Courses and Classes come in two forms:

  • Live: Participants can interact with the Artist in real time.

  • Recorded: Same content, but with no interaction. 

Our Classes run for approximately 90-180 minutes. They are step-by-step exercises focused on teaching specific techniques while completing a full artwork.

Our Courses are guided by structured curriculums and are a comprehensive learning program that takes you through a series of interconnected sessions (usually four to six 90-minute sessions per course). At the end of each program, you will have a Live Feedback Session with your instructor and peers, giving you the next steps towards your artistic journey.

The curriculum outlines specific learning objectives, ensuring a systematic and organized learning experience. Participants engage in various activities, such as assignments, to develop their artistic abilities and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Where can I find all the Upcoming Live Classes/Courses?

Select the "Browse" tab in the homepage's upper banner. From its dropdown box, click Upcoming Live.

You may also click this link here.

How long will it take for the recording of a live class to be available?

The raw recording will be available a few hours after the live event wraps up. We will later replace it with a polished, edited version.

Can I download the recordings from the website?

No, our recordings can only be streamed.

Troubleshooting Tech Issues

I'm a Subscriber, but the class I want to check out asks for payment to access it.

You're most likely logged out of your account. However, if that is not the case, email us at

The livestream isn't working.

Try refreshing the page or relaunching the website if this happens.

The audio/video keeps lagging. 

Confirm your video isn't set to mute. If not, check your device's audio settings.

If the video is lagging, please try refreshing the browser or restarting your internet connection. Some browsers or devices may also require a software update for videos to function properly. 

If the issues persist, especially with the same recording, don't hesitate to get in touch with us ( so we can look into this.