Hi, I'm Pedro Loureiro

...and I believe everyone can become an artist.

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I believe everyone can learn to draw and paint. With my art classes, I try to facilitate that journey. Hope you will join me

I am Pedro, a professional artist and art teacher from Lisbon, Portugal. 

I'm an urban sketcher by heart. My art connects me to places, people and allows me to see the world differently. By sketching, we see the world in a novel way, and each sketch we do is a story that we tell back to the world.

I believe everyone can learn how to draw. It's more about learning how to see than anything else, and I can teach you - no matter your level or experience.

Art is essential to humans.

Art is a way to connect us. We tell stories through art; throughout history, humans survived because we kept passing down stories. Because we stayed connected.

Aside from my way of telling stories, art is a way to keep memories alive. I sketch and paint the world how I see it, and every time I look at a sketch I made, I remember that day much more vividly.

...and at the end of the day, what is life if not a collection of memories and experiences?

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It started with comics.

I've been making art since I can remember, but I put it aside for a long time. I kept the art flame alive by reading comics.

It was in college, while studying architecture, that I started taking art seriously again. I focused on realism drawing at the time, which worked wonders to build my foundations alongside blind contour drawing.

As art found its way back to me (and I to it), I connected with the Urban Sketchers group in Portugal. Community is something essential when you're an artist. Having a peer group with a common goal helps you get to the next level - and opens a whole world of possibilities.

And so I became an Architect.

I graduated and started working at a local firm. It was all going well until a big financial crisis hit my country, and the firm closed.

Without many options, my girlfriend and I decided to move to Sweden to try our luck. We served tables and washed dishes for two years. Since work wrapped up around 4 pm, we were able to use the rest of the time to travel and meet new people.

Sweden marked the transition from hobbyist to professional artist.

Art is my way of connecting with people. As an introvert, striking up a conversation from thin air does not come naturally to me. Instead, I prefer to pull out my sketchbook when I'm out and about, and conversation flows.

We went to parties, and I started sketching people. This brought me art gigs. And art became a real thing.

After two years in Sweden, we returned to Portugal. As my connection with the Urban Sketchers stayed strong, they helped me find my next job.

And then, I officially became a professional Artist (at an Architecture firm).

A full circle. I started spending my days drawing the architecture designs so that the Architects could better communicate their ideas to our clients. 

When I'm not working, I'm making more art (did I tell you I took up travel sketching, so I could register the places I travel to?) - or teaching others how to draw.

As I developed my Art career, I started focusing on learning how to teach Art.

People often asked me for advice as I made Art and connected with others. I took pride and joy in helping them grow.

Teaching Art is an entirely different skill from making it. Teaching requires understanding why you do what you do and vocalising that while supporting and encouraging your students.

That said, I took an intensive course to understand how I could become a teacher after returning to Portugal - and I've been doing it ever since.

Teaching makes me a better artist, and as I grow as an artist, I become a better teacher.

- Pedro Loureiro

How can you support me?

I'm passionate about what I do. If you'd like to support me, there are plenty of ways to go about it:

My recent projects

I'm super excited to introduce you to my new courses with Etchr: Figure Drawing Fundamentals, Part 1 and 2!

You can buy either part (or both), anytime.

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Part 1: Bare Basics


Fit for beginners. This course will teach you how to go from stick figures to fully drawn people. Pedro will cover multiple themes, such as proportion, body, facial and hand gestures and expressions, and how to depict people with different body types from different angles.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p style="text-align: left">Part 2: Bringing Your <br>Figure to Life</p></div>

Part 2: Bringing Your
Figure to Life


Learn how to use watercolour to add shape and dimension, conveying clothes and believable fabric movement, hairstyles and textures, as well as posing from different angles.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>Part 1 + Part 2</p></div>

Part 1 + Part 2


Enrol for both courses at a discounted price.

What are others saying

Pedro has a gift for teaching. I've learned a lot over his sketching course and love that he's given us tools to approach sketching in our own styles.




Pedro is the best of a wonderful stable of teachers. And that is really saying a lot.




Pedro's feedback was unlike any teacher I've ever worked with. Not just how and what, but also a way of seeing. Not just intellectually, but somatically.




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