Etchr started me on my journey.

It introduced me to so many aspects of Art,

making my journey incredible.
- Bev


I am just more confident now.

I see results that I wouldn't have

thought I could ever achieve.

- Linda


Etchr really gave me a lot of courage

to start again. I was surprised at what

I could still do, and that's why I

continued with Etchr 

- Mimi


I like the variety of classes;

it's well-explained and concise.

There's almost nothing we can't find there,

which is great

- Fran


You've done something

that no one else has done;

you've gathered artist from everywhere..

and learn things

that you've never learned before

- Barb


The teachers don't teach down to you,

they teach to you.

- Zoie