#1 Watercolour Platform.
#1 Watercolour Platform.

#1 Watercolour Platform.

Go deeper with 450+ Hours of Courses and Classes 


What our customers are saying

Mimi Manis

Etchr's given me a place to be, something that I was excited about. It gave me a lot of courage to start again and it reflowered my desire to draw.

Bev Barends

Etchr got me started on my journey and introduced me to so many different aspects of art, so my journey has just been incredible.

Barb Buchanan

Etchr has gathered artists from around the world and brought them together on a platform that anyone can go to and start learning. I like that. 

Zoie McIntyre

I have never taken a class on your site that I didn't love. The teachers you pick are awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the annual subscription plan?

The annual subscription provides access to ALL content for a year, which includes:

  • Access to 450+ hours of recorded content

  • Access to upcoming live classes and courses during the year

Can I buy individual classes or courses?

All our 90-minute classes can only be accessed through the annual subscription plan. 

Our multi-session courses are available for individual purchase, offering life-time access to the bought course.  

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel anytime during the 7-day free trial period without being charged. 

Is the instruction live or recorded?

Almost all our classes and courses are launched live, however, you can always access the recording later.