Introduction to Sketching

In this 6-part course, professional artist Pedro Loureiro will take you from a total beginner to feeling comfortable drawing the world around you.

So, if you always wanted to capture your travels onto a Sketchbook, grab a roller ball pen and a few sheets of paper and start this course.

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Introduction to Watercolour

This 8-part Watercolour Course is designed to take anyone from a beginner to a being a Watercolour Artist.

Professional Artist and Teacher Jun-Pierre Shiozawa will get you started with simple watercolour paints, brushes and paper and help you feel comfortable with painting on your own.

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Beginners Watercolour for Landscapes

In this 7-part course, professional artist Laura Krieger will teach you the basics of Watercolour while also learning to paint your own Watercolour Landscapes.

So, if you have always wanted to paint your favorite spot, join this course and get the tools necessary to capture it on-to your Sketchbook

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Introduction to Gouache

The expert teachers and speakers from Wanderlust's festivals have come to your home.

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What are people saying

Great class- I started watching- and enjoyed so much that when the free classes ended I bought the class. Such a lovely upbeat teacher!


Natalie C.

On Introduction to Sketching

Great class, easy to follow, inspiring and fascinating to watch!


Ophélie L.

On Colourful Memories in Travel Sketchbook Spreads

Absolutely loved this tutorial, thanks Adrianna, would love to see more of your work and future workshops :)


Sarah C.

On Watercolour Cityscapes - Adding Contrast with Pen and Paints

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